Tribute Concert to Thomas Tamvakos Archive of Greek Composers
25th February – Philippos Nakas Conservatory, Athens
Ιδιωτική Οδός: Μια ξεχωριστή εκδήλωση για τα 40 χρόνια του Αρχείου Ελλήνων Μουσουργών Θωμά Ταμβάκου (panagiotisandriopoulos.blogspot.com)

Lecture Recital
31th March – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Foyer of the Department of Music Studies
The triptych ‘composer-score-interpreter’: shaping the interpretation of Theodore Antoniou’s piano works
Lecture-Recital by Konstantinos Destounis: “Composer-Score-Interpreter: Shaping the interpretation of Theodore Antoniou’s piano works” – School of Music Studies (auth.gr)

Chamber Music Concert
11th April – Athens Conservatoire
With the Ionian Festival Ensemble
Στρογγυλή Τράπεζα «Δια-λογος» & Συναυλία Σύγχρονης Μουσικής (athensconservatoire.gr)

Piano Recital
7th May – Athens Conservatoire
Ρεσιτάλ πιάνου του Κωνσταντίνου Δεστούνη (athensconservatoire.gr)

Chamber Music Concert
14th May – Athens Conservatoire
With the Ionian Festival Ensemble, Tribute to Yorgos Sisilianos

Concert with Orchestra
22th May – Benaki Museum, Athens
Athens Philharmonia Orchestra, Michalis Economou – conductor
Mozart: Piano Concerto K.414 in A major
Mozart at the Museum | Athens Philharmonia Orchestra (apho.gr)

Chamber Music Concert
6th June – Athens-Epidaurus Festival
With the Hellenic Group of Contemporary Music, Tribute to Iannis Xenakis
Reactivate Music – Athens Epidaurus Festival (aefestival.gr)

Piano Recital
4th July – Aigeas Conservatory, Chios

Piano Recital
9th July – Piraeus Port Authority, Closing Ceremony of the CH.O.N. Panhellenic Piano Competition